Skype Xbox One Update Features Chat Sync, Captain America Icons and More

First update for Skype’s app on Xbox One has been released. Microsoft has overhauled the chat synchronization system in a way that you will not miss any of the messages.

The notifications for the messages have now been added and the app can keep history up to 1000 chat messages. Skype’s Marketing Manager Karen Tong said:

We know that many of our users jump between using Skype on their PC to their phone and now to their living room. So we’ve been focused on enhancing this experience, keeping conversations in sync and reducing the number of missed messages to make your chat experience even better.

The best part of the new update is the syncing process because now you can use the app on your PC, mobile and even on your Xbox One, and it will be synced, so you don’t have to wait or lose the whole conversation.

New tutorial has been added, which supports the first-time user of the app, it tells you how to do the video conferences and chats while sitting in your living room. The Skype will now show your buddy list with the people who are online at that time.

Another great addition to the app is the Captain America The Winter Soldier themed emoticons. These new emoticons will let the users send the “action-packed emotion with your Skype Friends.” This feature is also added to the regular Skype as well.

One thing that is still missing is the ability to call your friends while you are playing the game. We just hope that the next update for the Skype will let us do that, until then we just have to pause the game for calling our buddies.

Skype can be downloaded for free on the Xbox One but only for the players with the Xbox Live Gold Membership.

How do you like your experience with the app?