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PlayStation 4 Price in Canada Raised to $449, Greed or Supply Issues?

Since November last year, Sony has outdone Microsoft in the console race. In fact, the sales figures of February were the closest that Xbox One got to PlayStation 4, and still lagged behind.

Yet, Sony Entertainment Canada found reason to try and cash in more than what they already are through raising the PlayStation 4 price in Canada to $449.

Fluctuations at the hands of the retailers are a commonplace issue, but it is as surprising as it is unwelcome to see Sony marking up the price of their console. I need not to remind you that one of the major reasons that turned the table in the favor of Sony is the PlayStation 4 price which is lower than Xbox One.

According to an official statement of Sony Canada that Toronto Sun has, the company took the decision to raise the PlayStation 4 price in Canada “to respond to changes in the market environment.”

When the clock ticks 12 tonight, the changes will take effect, apart from the $50 increase in the console’s price, DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Camera will also get a raise of $5 each.

One of the reasons we can assume behind the move is the limited supply of PlayStation 4 in the region. However, there could be other reasons too for instance, the worth of Canadian Dollar has been declining against the US Dollar, and Sony might not want to lose at the hands of foreign exchange.

They have done so with the PS3 back in 2007.

I find it troublesome that the Canadian gaming community will have to face the inflated rates; it is a disappointing step. Do you think the increase in PlayStation 4 price in Canada is fair to the end users?