Nine Minutes of Infamous: Second Son Gameplay Released by Sony

Sony and Sucker Punch Productions might have pissed off some of the fans by taking down the leaked 22 minutes game play video, but what else did you expect? However, they have decided to make up for it by releasing a nine minute long Infamous: Second Son gameplay video.

In the trailer you see Delsin Rowe brawling over the streets of Seattle, he often gets the message to either save the civilians for Good Karma or to kill them for Evil Karma; being an example of the moral choices that players will be faced with in the game. Whatever you choose to do, the scene is almost beautiful with colorful light streaks shooting out of his hands to blow up everything else in the air.

It also shows other abilities of the protagonist like wall running and sprint jumps that he does using his supernatural powers.

Infamous: Second Son is going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will be released worldwide on March 21, 2014.

Only recently it was found that a clip from the leaked 22 minute video had scenes from the game’s demo that was shown at E3 2013 and as a result certain community members had claimed that the game had been downgraded.

Did you see the new video of Infamous: Second Son gameplay? How did you like the visuals?