Minecraft: Title Update 14 Coming Soon, PS3 Version Getting Exclusive Sony Skins

4J Studios has shared some updates regarding the upcoming Title Update 14 and the PlayStation 3 port to satisfy fans’ curiosity. Sony fans apparently are going to be treated with some cool surprises.

Title Update 14 is going to see to a release very soon. Replying to a fan on Twitter, 4J revealed that they are currently sorting out bugs but “the list is getting shorter every day.”

As for the PlayStation 3 port, Sony consumers are going to be treated with two texture packs when they get Title Update 14. “We’re aiming to release one or two PS3 texture packs at the same time as the TU14 update for PS3,” wrote the studio.

Recalling a spoiler image the studio posted a few days back, the PlayStation 3 version will also be receiving exclusive skins based on Sony IPs. Currently we know of a skin based on Drake from Uncharted, one based on Sly Cooper and finally one that is of a Helghast soldier from the Killzone franchise.

4J has also been teasing about a new menu feature for the PlayStation 3, which is speculated to be the power to kick players out. We’ll know for sure once Title Update 14 is released. A date is not yet known but we figure it to be by the end of the month.

Source Twitter