Metal Gear Solid V: Kojima Discusses iDroid Mobile App and Social Features

Late last month, Hideo Kojima revealed a companion app for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes called iDroid. The app is the developer’s way of connecting significant aspects of the console title with mobile devices.

In a new walkthrough, the series creator talked about the support of mobile and also the social features of the game.

“For a long time the console was in your living room and the game was confined to that world alone,” Kojima said. “Now, we’ve shattered those boundaries.”

To begin with, the iDroid app is also available in-game in the shape of Snake’s handset. However, one will have to be cautious in using it in-game since it will leave you open for enemy fire.

During play, players can access the app on their mobile devices to see a map of the area, finding high priority or targeted soldiers, calling in helicopters for support and more. Players can also use it to listen to music, as well as audio recordings that will educate you on the background stories of the game.

“Like with the radio, the game won’t pause while you’re look at the iDroid. If you’re spotted while you’re looking at your iDROID, you will be shot. So, players need to be aware of their surroundings at all times and be careful while using the device. Using the app on tablets or smartphones adds a new dimension, since the player themselves will be looking between the terminal in their hands and the action onscreen.Also, the cassette tapes that players find in game can be played on tablets or smartphones within the app. This allows players to review the content whenever they want even when away from the game.”

Regarding the community social features, players can use the PS4 Share button or Xbox One Twitch app to broadcast their gameplay or watch someone else play. This is helpful since objectives can be completed more than one way and whatever you choose to do, the game reacts accordingly.

“In an open world, each player will have their own unique way of clearing missions, and can share that experience with others. Players can swap tips or enjoy watching other routes others have discovered, and openly help each other with missions. If 100 people play the same mission, there will be a 100 different stories to tell. These shared experiences bring the game to a truly “open world” experience. By sharing their gameplay, players can continually craft and refine their own strategies. This, above all else, is what I would like to achieve.”

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will launch next week on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.