League of Legends Fans Raise $20,300 for Hospitalized Pro-Player

Korean League of Legends player who tried to commit suicide when learned about his team involvement in the match fixing is now in stable condition.

The player who is also known as Promise jumped off the 12th floor of the building but survived. According to the recent reports from the hospital, he is now in stable condition but doctors are keeping him for further examination.

Hospital‚Äôs expenses are really hard to pay, so the gaming community decided to support the League of Legends’ player by participating in a fundraiser.

The people who started the fundraiser wanted to show the full results on 19th of March but the community wanted full transparency of the process.

One of the users at Reddit has revealed the results of the Day 1 of the fundraiser.

In almost less than 24 hours, the fund has managed to raise $8400 just in Korea. If you include the PayPal funds ($11992.17) from the people around the world into the tally, then the amount goes up to $20,300.

It is very good to see the gaming community coming together and supporting the player, especially now when the gaming is regarded as a violent act in the country and so many politicians are trying to ban the video games because it is making people violent.

If you want to read up on the whole thread visit Reddit and if you want to participate in the fundraiser visit the You Caring Website and support the player in need.

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