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Instagram Dunking Video Confirms NBA 2K15

A video posted on Instagram by 2K Games confirms that NBA 2K15 is now in development for next-gen consoles and looks to jump over the recent NBA 2K14 installment.

The short clip posted shows athletes who are making impressive dunks while donned in motion-capture getup.

“The 2K team is grinding away! Check out some dunks being recorded for #NBA2K15,” reads the caption.

NBA 2K14 was the first title to hit the new consoles and it was received with wide open arms. Getting favorable reviews, fans of the series were very impressed with what 2K Games brought to the court. One major impressive feature of the title was in-game animations which were almost life-like. With 2K Games going full motion-capture on their next installment, who knows how life-like the new NBA title will be.

The developer has yet to reveal any sort of information regarding the game. How big a chance is there to see NBA 2K15 release in Fall of this year?