Heroes of the Storm Alpha is now Live, Hero Prices Listed

Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA has been making waves all over with its ever expanding list of heroes that have been chosen from all the famous universes.

Heroes of the Storm Alpha testing phase has officially started today and along with that they have also listed the prices of the Heroes that you will be able to buy and play with.

The official website of Heroes of the Storm made the announcement yesterday and detailed their selection of alpha testers.

As expected, a small number of players from the US have been invited along with press and Blizzard employees:

The Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha is now live and the time has come for invitees to answer the call of the Nexus!

We’ve invited a limited amount of US-based players, including testers opted-in via Battle.net, friends and family members of Blizzard employees, as well as a number of international press sites and community contributors, to participate in this very early Technical Alpha testing phase.

Moreover, you can still opt in for testing through the Beta Profile Settings Page of your Battle.net account. You might just get invited for the next round of testing.

On the other hand, if you have received an invite, check out the Heroes of the Storm Alpha walkthrough video above that demonstrates the Heroes client and the startup process for the Tech Alpha.

More importantly, the price list of playable heroes in the game has been revealed by the developers. It should give you an idea as to which heroes should be on your shopping list:

  • Demon Hunter – $3.99
  • Malfurion – $3.99
  • Muradin – $3.99
  • Raynor – $3.99
  • Arthas – $7.49
  • Barbarian – $7.49
  • Diablo – $7.49
  • ETC – $7.49
  • Falstad – $7.49
  • Gazlowe – $7.49
  • Illidan – $7.49
  • Sgt. Hammer – $7.49
  • Tassadar – $7.49
  • Tychus – $7.49
  • Tyrael – $7.49
  • Tyrande – $7.49
  • Uther – $7.49
  • Zeratul – $7.49
  • Abathur – $9.99
  • Kerrigan – $9.99
  • Nova – $9.99
  • Stitches – $9.99
  • Witch Doctor – $9.99

So it’s as much as ten bucks a hero, but hey they do have value for the money; read up about each one of them in detail here. While you are at it, let us know how many of you received the Heroes of the Storm Alpha invite this time?