The Elder Scrolls Online Opening & Gameplay Elements Tweaked by ZeniMax

ZeniMax Online Studios has a very extensive system of feedback and they really listen to what the community is saying. For instance, they recently announced a bunch of changes that they have made to The Elder Scrolls Online courtesy of the opinions provided by the beta testers.

As a result, the game’s opening has been changed along with multiple changes to the gameplay like NPC collision and audio adjustments.

There also are certain behind the scenes changes that have been made, and so some of the changes might go unnoticed. However, one of the most prominent changes would be to the opening of the game. The Elder Scrolls Online had previously been designed to facilitate new players and their learning curve. You can now skip the starter islands and jump directly to the first city of your Alliance once you are done with the tutorial, reads the official TESO Blog:

“After exiting the modified, more streamlined tutorial in Coldharbour, new characters now wake up in the first major city of their respective Alliance as opposed to being forced to go through the starter islands. We’re adjusting the level curve around those cities so that you’ll have plenty to do and discover without running into enemies that are too powerful at the start.”

Moreover, newcomers can still opt to go by the old opening and visit the starter islands and polish themselves up before entering the more challenging arenas.

Other than this, the combat system has been tweaked so that the melee combat can be substantiated a bit more. This comes along with the addition of player collision with NPCs i.e. you will no longer run through the enemy. Audio of the game has also been improved.

Have you been playing The Elder Scrolls Online? What are your impressions about the game so far and are there any changes that you want ZeniMax Online Studios to implement in the game? Voice your opinions here and may be they will get heard.