Transformers Universe Enters Closed Beta This Weekend

Transformers Universe, the massively online tactical action game, will be entering a closed beta this weekend, developer Jagex confirmed today.

The beta runs from March 15 to 16 and interested parties can sign up for it here. The beta features two new playable characters that are exclusive to the Transformers Universe.

The first is Front-Line of the Autobots. According to Jagex “He’s the first in, and last out, of any fight. He’s a slugger with an instinct for mayhem. Armed with a mini-gun, axe and hammer attack, this is a bot that definitely shouldn’t be messed with.”

The second is Conduit of the Decepticons who can heal allies in battle. He’s also “fully in touch with his darker side and, whilst able and primed to heal and keep his allies fighting for the cause, there’s no mistaking the lethality of his attacks.”

Transformers Universe is a free to play game that is supported by microtransactions.