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Titanfall Instantly Fills Up New Australian Servers

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that Titanfall now has dedicated servers for Australia and New Zealand up and running. It should stabilize any connection issues the Oceania region should have, at least partially.

It didn’t take a minute for shooter fans to swarm to the new servers and fill them up. In a follow-up tweet, Respawn Entertainment’s Jon Shiring mentioned:

It sounds like our Australian host got tapped pretty quickly. They are spinning up more over the next few hours. Thanks for your patience.

Servers are located in Australia and reach towards all platforms. So far, that means the Xbox One and PC version of Titanfall are serviced.

There’s a slight delay for the Xbox 360 version of the multiplayer shooter. Still, you should be able to play on Microsoft’s older console at the end of the month as well.

Maybe there will be fewer issues by then, since they’re hammering them out now already. It pays off to wait a week or two sometimes.

As with most hugely popular titles based on online interaction, there are some snags to go through in Titanfall. At least, it’s currently not as widely catastrophic as EA’s previous multiplayer shooter launch of Battlefield 4.

Titanfall isn’t a perfect storm of internet services either though. Due to its reliance on a smooth operation, the game was flat-out cancelled in South Africa, due to poor performances.

Our time with Titanfall has been highly enjoyable so far and we hope yours has been as well. Tell us what you think of the game in the comments.

via Joystiq.