PlayStation Rentals now Available on Store Through PlayStation Now

Recently PlayStation Store received a delayed update. The update was actually scheduled to go live on Tuesday this week but got held up due to certain bugs. Now it seems like Sony has another feature up their sleeve that they wished to reveal through the update. PlayStation rentals for games are being offered via the Store, thanks to the PlayStation Now services.

Certain titles on the PlayStation Store including Atlus’s Catherine are being offered for 1 day, 7 day and 30 day rentals. As of now, all three of the options appear to be free and do not work at the moment.

PlayStation Now is currently under a closed beta testing session in North America. Additionally, this tells us that the PlayStation rentals feature might have been rolled out early and accidentally. We shall inform you as soon as we get official word from Sony on this matter.

Certain NeoGAF users investigated the issue further and came up with evidence that the rentals are part of the PlayStation Now service. For those who don’t know, PlayStation Now is the Gaikai based game streaming service that we have talked about multiple times before.

The service is not available for all the games and we are also not sure why the links are turning out to be broken but it is expected that they will be fixed one of these days.

How many of you would be inclined to use the PlayStation rental services that PlayStation now is bringing to your PlayStation 4?