Next PayDay 2 DLC will be Based on Election Day

Overkill Software hit up a new way to indulge fans into the game: Election Day. Yes, they are currently promoting a certain Bob McKendrick for his election campaign. Don’t get too bogged down with all that, the developer is actually teasing the next PayDay 2 DLC which from the looks of it, is going to have a lot to do with election campaigns.

Recently, the official Twitter page of PayDay teased a video of the same Mr. McKendrick’s election campaign saying they were pretty excited about this ‘candidate.’

Obviously they are talking about the next PayDay 2 DLC, but what really made us ponder over the possibility of getting a new weapon along with the next DLC. The following expert comes from the disguised page where the DLC is supposed to be promoted.

“Vote for Bob, get a free gun. Vote for Bob McKendrick, and he will provide you with a high quality firearm capable of defending both the constitution and your private property from those who wish to deprive us of both. this beautifully crafted, high quality Chimano, chambered in an All-American .40 round, has faithfully served law enforcement agencies since the 90s and now it will serve you and your loved ones for years to come. Just like Bob.”

Other than this, a user generated wiki is detailing Election Day as a five day heist where you plant a GPS tracker on ballot box carrying trucks so that you can later intercept the trucks and change the ballots. You will apparently get to interrupt the voting process by destroying the ballot boxes too.

So, what do you think of the next PayDay 2 DLC?