MXGP Gameplay Trailer Shows MX2 Class

There’s a new trailer out for MXGP, The Official Motocross Videogame that details the MX2 racing category. It comes with dubstep, because we’re still not in the next age of music when it comes to game commercials.

There are two racing classes in MXGP, with MX2 being the lower tier. Small guys need some attention too. There’s also a first person perspective.

Anyway, the trailer highlights some of the gameplay in the motocross title. There are high jumps, stunts and a lot of driving through dirt.

Together with some lens flares, it looks pretty smooth, so far. In particular, the driver animations appear more fluid than before.

In 2004, the FIM championship decided to split its events between MX2 and MXGP, the previous MX1 class. In MX2, the younger riders get a chance to prove their worth, as the championship is restricted to people 23 and under.

Additionally, motorbikes here only include 125cc two-strokes through to 250cc four-strokes. In 2013, the MX2 category was won by Jeffrey Herlings, winning 31 Grand Prix victories in total.

MXGP will have all riders, tracks and other items from the official 2013 calendar. That means that you can hop on brands like KTM, Yamaha and Kawasaki. A career mode will let you climb the ranks like in real life.

It’s only a few more weeks until the release of this racing game. MXGP will launch on March 28, 2014 for Playstation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and PC.