Master Reboot Devs Reveal Infinity Runner On PC And PS3

Developer Wales Interactive has announced a new game in the works, called Infinity Runner. It’s an infinite, well, runner. You run and run, then do that some more.

More specifically, the game will take place in a lore surrounding the Starship Infinity shown at the start of the announcement trailer. This vessel is nearly 300 miles in diameter, so it can house quite a few things inside of it.

In fact, it would have half a billion people working on it, just to keep it operational, with another billion residents prepped for colonization. It’s doubtful that this is anything more than exposition, but at least it justifies running endlessly inside of a ship.

In Infinity Runner, you’ll be trying to escape some unspeakable evil coming from behind you. To do so, you’ll move through a somewhat linear progression with multiple obstacles.

For instance, we can already see in the clip that it will be necessary to jump over lasers and slide through narrow environments. There’s also some jumping over gaps involved.

Additionally, Infinity Runner will have a combat mechanism during its running parts. We can see the assault of some alien creature take place.

Aside from a story mode, Infinity Runner will implement some sort of multiplayer, though there are no details for that at this point. Oculus Rift will be supported as well, since this is viewed in first person.

Developer Wales Interactive is known from its recent releases on Steam, Master Reboot and Gravity Badgers. This new title will use the same visual expertise from those styling games.

Infinity Runner will release in May of 2014 for PC and Playstation 3.