GOG.com Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With 2 Sales At Once

Digital distribution site GOG.com is celebrating the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day by holding two sales at once. Its main event, Luck of the Irish, will run an entire week and offer a list of games at a discount of up to 90%.

How this works is that you can choose 5 titles from a total list of 25, to assemble a bundle. Games in this package will cost you either $2, $3 or $4.

In addition, if you can’t find anything on the list to fill up the roster of five selections, it’s possible to opt for a “Pot of Gold” draw at $2. This alternate choice will pick out a random game from GOG’s library and add it to your purchase. It may even be one of their mainstream releases.

For those who want more security in their discounts and can’t find five items to choose from, GOG.com also has a Big Games Big Sale running until Tuesday. Here, a list of 14 large releases get a discount of up to 75%.

Some interesting items included in the big promotion are Divinity: Dragon Commander, The Banner Saga and Deadly Premonition. Games in this sale can be purchased separately.

Currently, GOG.com still applies a worldwide currency, marked in Dollars. Recent changes in the digital distribution world have seen sites like the Humble Store convert to local currencies for some of its library.