Crytek’s Card Game The Collectables Heading to iOS and Android

The Collectables, a free to play action card game from Crytek, will launch next week for the iOS and Android.

Called as a “typical hardcore game” by the studio manager Kristoffer Waardahl, The Collectables mixes elements of both a card game and tactical action.

Players are tasked with controlling a group of soldiers who are to head out to enemy infested islands, where they must kill them and liberate the said islands. The environments are inspired from Crysis titles, with heavy emphasis on lush vegetation, dynamic lighting and particle effects.

A total of four soldiers can be brought along for each mission, with each being equipped with different weapons that give players advantage in different environments.

During battles, players must decide on what cards to play from their deck and how to use their resources for the best. Players can move all soldiers at once by tapping on the screen, or else zoom in to control each one individually.

Once an enemy is spotted, your soldiers will fire automatically. The cards though can provide valuable bonuses, like a shield to deflect bullets, or one which creates a decoy for distraction. Other cards can be used to spawn turrets, call air-strikes, induce head-shots, throw Molotov cocktails and create medical stations that heal the troops.

“We tried to make core gaming more accessible,” Waardahl said. “So you don’t have to micromanage every troop. It started that way, and the sessions were very long.

In the beginning, we had classes like you’d have in Warface and Crysis, and every character was an RPG character, and for a while you could edit everything and it became very stat-heavy. You had to handle the camera manually, and it became a game that was very tactical and very lethal”.

The iOS version of the game will launch next week with an Android version to follow soon after.

via Polygon