Amazon Set Top Box Controller’s Images Leaked Online – Mix of Onlive and Xbox?

Amazon is gearing up to enter the gaming industry with a set top box of their own. Though very little is known about the Amazon set top box itself, a couple of images were recently leaked online for the controller that it will use.

From the looks of it, they have tried to get inspiration from the Xbox 360 controller but apparently lost interest somewhere in the middle and shifted towards something similar to the Onlive Controller. As a result, the company has produced sort of mishmash between the two.

It does have two control sticks like the Xbox 360, ABXY buttons, a D-Pad (everything that the Xbox 360 controller has), as well as Home, Back and Menu buttons. Where it deviates from Microsoft’s controller is the face that has been made edgy like the Onlive Controller.

Oh and it also has media playback buttons for your convenience.

The images were revealed through the website named ZatzNotFunny, which of course isn’t the official course of information from Amazon. I guess we shall wait a little longer before taking this as the final version of the console – hopefully it won’t be for it looks quite a mess.

So far the company has not shared their schedule regarding the release of Amazon set top box and general details about the set top box are scarce as well. What we do know lives on speculation; it has been rumored that the Amazon’s set top box will be released sometime this month, though I don’t see that happening.

Check out the image of the Amazon set top box controller and tell us what you think of it.