Bethesda: The Elder Scrolls Online Will Have “Lag-Free” Launch

The Elder Scrolls Online will launch “lag-free” for everyone around the globe, no matter where they live, Bethesda promised today.

That’s a bold statement considering that every major MMO title in recent times have faced launch issues. Thousands of players signing in at once on the launch day usually takes a toll on the servers. EA is pretty experienced in this, though in their case, their titles were usually stress tested with only a dozen players I reckon.

Posting on the game’s website, Bethesda explained that the game’s beta testing has helped them tweak the game’s online architecture to let “millions of players from Europe (and beyond)… play on our North American server and experience ESO as it was designed—without latency or lag problems.”

The post continued saying that the studio has also added “overflow servers” in case there are more players than expected on day one. That will take off most of the load off the main servers.

“If player demand overwhelms our planned capacity and a queue has to be formed, we will offer waiting players the option to begin playing right away on an overflow server. The overflow server is meant to be a temporary place where you can begin your adventure as you normally would – gain experience, items, achievements, etc. The character you create and everything gained as you temporarily play on an overflow server will transfer back with you when you log in the next time on the main megaserver.”

Bethesda has made a really convincing argument. It’s possible that it will break the vicious cycle of day one issues with The Elder Scrolls Online. The game launches on PC on April 4 and on Xbox One and PS4 in June. It will feature a paid-subscription model.

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