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Battlefield 4 Platoons Are Now Live for Everyone, Get Your Crew Ready

Last month DICE had rolled out Battlefield 4 Platoons feature that let soldiers work like official clans. However, the feature was then restricted to only the premium members of the game, this has now changed and the feature has been released for everyone who is playing the game.

The official Battlefield Blog has made an update recently making the announcement and detailing where the gamers will be able to find it:

“Platoons are now available for all Battlelog users. You will find it in the Soldier dropdown menu on Battlelog, as well as on a new tile on Home. Leave feedback for Platoons in this Battlelog forum thread. Furthermore, you can now recruit members, or find the Platoon for you, on the Battlelog Forum under Platoons.”

Under the feature, up to a hundred players will be allowed to join a single platoon; they will get a unique name tag as well as an emblem to represent their platoon. There will be a public feed where different platoons will be allowed to pick battles with others; this comes in addition to a private feed exclusive to each platoon. Lastly, there will be ornamental ranks among each platoon.

Being the member of one of the Battlefield 4 platoons will also let you keep a track of the stats of your mates e.g. kill to death ratios, skills and scores per minute.

You may read up more about it from the official blog of the game or keep a track of out posts for future updates on Battlefield 4 platoons.