Sony Pokes Fun at Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Publishing Policy

Whoever said that the ‘console war’ between Microsoft and Sony was simmering down was wrong. Taking to Twitter last night, Adam Boyes of the PlayStation developer relations team took a shot at Microsoft’s policies regarding the release of indie titles enrolled in their ID@Xbox program.

Microsoft’s new indie publishing program states that any studio enrolled in their program cannot release their game on any platform prior to the Xbox. This means that a developer cannot go for a timed-exclusive deal on any other platform since he/she has to release the game on the Xbox platform, either first or simultaneously.

It was on this policy that Boyes took a shot at, tweeting last night “In the interest of transparency, I want to share our [developer] clause that lists which platforms you cannot release on.” Attached was the following image.

Sony - Shots Fired 01

During E3 2013 last year, Sony poked fun at Microsoft’s used game policy, which back then put a lot of restrictions on used games. Microsoft would then follow up later in the months by reversing many of their policies to get rid of the bad press.

Source Twitter