Classic RPG Summoner From Saints Row Devs Drops On Steam

Publisher Nordic Games has brought back Summoner from the dead and released it on Steam for an incredibly low price of €4.99. It even comes with a temporary 20% discount, putting it at €3.99 until March 19, 2014.

This roleplaying game (RPG) was originally released in 2001, over a decade ago. It was one of the Playstation 2’s first generation of epic adventures.

In the story of this elaborate game, players go through the journey of Joseph, who grows up with an extraordinary gift. He can summon beasts, like demons and dragons.

As powerful as that sounds though, the creatures also need to be controlled. It’s because of his failure to do so that Joseph sees his town go up in flames as a child.

Now an adult, the summoner marches forth towards his destiny, upsetting the powers that be in the land. You’ll come across a few more party members to aid you in your quest.

For its time, Summoner was pretty huge, certainly on Playstation 2. There are a variety of different locations and dozens of hours of gameplay with real-time combat. When it first released, Gamespot called it “the best RPG on the PS2 yet.”

A thing you also may want to know is that this game, originally published by defunct publisher THQ, was made by developer Volition. It pre-dates both their recently popular Red Faction and Saints Row series. We need a Summoner reboot, is what we’re saying.

It’s a little weird for Nordic Games to just sort of drop Summoner on Steam like this with no explanation. As its first-generation Playstation 2 models look incredibly dated by now, many might be put off by the angular, basic visuals. Don’t be; it’s pretty good.