Look For Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Dragon Age Keep Beta Invites Today

Just as the release date of Dragon Age: Inquisition charges closer, the importance of Dragon Age Keep has grown even more. However, it does need testing before going live so the Dragon Age Keep beta is being held. In fact, beta invites are being sent as we speak.

BioWare has been accepting applications from players who wished to enter the closed beta since a while now and couple of hours ago it was revealed that the developer would be sending out the invites today.

Fernando Melo the director of online development at BioWare Edmonton tweeted from his Twitter profile that people who have signed up to the Dragon Age Keep beta should check their inbox and spam folders today, hinting that the invite should be there any time now.

The cloud based system is going to be a big turnaround that will let player carry their choices forward in to Dragon Age: Inquisition. It was originally announced back in August and was further detailed by the series executive producer Mark Darrah couple of days ago. Read up if you wish to know more.

Lastly, don’t mess yourself up in case you don’t get an invite to the Dragon Age Keep beta; this is not the only time they are sending out invitations.

Melo has reassured on his Twitter profile that people who have been missed out this time might get a chance n the next beta session.

Were you able to get through to this Dragon Age Keep beta session, or it’s the next one for you too?