Infamous: Second Son First 20 Minutes Gameplay Leaked, Check it out

When there is only a week left in the release of something as anticipated as Infamous: Second Son, it gets a little harder to wait. The game has been referred to as a truly ‘next-gen experience’ since it was announced last year, an evidence of which can be seen in the leaked 20 minutes gameplay of the game.

Someone who had apparently received an early copy of the game recorded the footage and uploaded it to YouTube. Although it has been removed from the website, there still is a copy of it that you can check out above.

On the other hand, for some it would be a good idea to avoid the video above; I am talking about those who might get a little pissed because of the chunks of story that the first 20 minutes of the gameplay will leak.

If you would wish to know more about the game we have a lot to share. Firstly, the trophies list of Infamous: Second Son were leaked which you can read up here.

Secondly, the developers have announced that there will be no user generated content in the game unlike Infamous 2. And, it is being said that the pre-orders of Infamous: Second Son have surpassed those of The Last of Us – impressive isn’t it?

Infamous: Second Son is all set for release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title on March 21, 2014; it will be a world wide release.

Source: Dualshockers