Heroes of the Storm Assassin Tychus Findlay Detailed by Blizzard

The game that Blizzard calls bigger and broader than an average MMO and an average real time strategy game, Heroes of the Storm is going to bring a long list of heroes too your disposal. Among these is Tychus Findlay the Terrain Marine from StarCraft 2.

Blizzard recently decided to divulge details about the character and came up with an enigmatic trailer (above) and other details including his background and abilities.

In the game, he takes up the role of an Assassin, a damage dealer; which really suits him considering the gargantuan minigun that he comes wielding.

You might already be acquainted with him but nothing does justice to Tychus’ characteristics better than the words that his creators have for him. The official website of Heroes of the Storm shined the spotlight on the notorious outlaw in these words:

Former soldier. Erstwhile thief. Convicted felon. Tychus Findlay and Jim Raynor share what some might call a checkered past—the type filled with daring exploits and courageous fights doing not so courageous deeds. While no one can be sure where Tychus’ loyalties lie, one thing is for certain. He’s a fearsome combatant whose impact on the battlefield is anything but subtle. Tychus always goes big. Always.

Here are going to be uncountable other payable characters in the game from multiple famous universes created by Blizzard Entertainment; which hero are you really looking forward to play with in Heroes of the Storm?