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Diablo III On Sale At $19.99 To Await Reaper of Souls

Roleplaying game (RPG) Diablo III is now available for PC at a sale price of $19.99, through Blizzard’s own site. Normally, you’d have to shell out $39.99 for the game, so that’s a cool $20 off.

It does so, since the expansion to it, Reaper of Souls, will drop on March 25, 2014. In this story, the Angel of Death returns and grabs the Black Soulstone, which holds in it Prime Evil.

For Reaper of Souls, you’ll get an entire new Act V attached to your story, taking you through new environments. Its culmination happens in a place called Pandemonium Fortress.

More so than just a bit more story, the Diablo III expansion will raise the level cap up to 70. This comes with new skills and spells for the character classes.

Loot gets redesigned as well. Legendary items can possess different levels, items are given through “smart drops” and so on.

Perhaps the more radical change in Reaper of Souls is the addition of an Adventure Mode. This opens up all waypoints of the game and instead focuses gameplay on doing loot runs and completing random objectives.

Originally, the core release of Diablo III didn’t rise to the lofty heights its legacy had started. Players felt they needed to grind too much to achieve progress in later stages of the game.

Moreover, an Auction House with real money involved skewed the system of collecting loot, as it could now just be circumvented by buying it directly, with no effort required. On that note: the gold and money Auction House will be removed on March 18, 2014 and so won’t appear in Reaper of Souls.

There has been quite the extended support given to Diablo III and Blizzard doesn’t do sales all that often, so perhaps now is the time to jump on the iconic RPG. Some fans are mad that there’s a sale, as they paid the full price, but when doesn’t that happen, really?