Dark Souls 2 Achievements and Trophies Guide

Dark Souls 2 is the hardest video game in the World and unlocking all the achievements and trophies in the game is a daunting task. If you are willing to take this challenge, who can stop you? At least we won’t.

In fact, we will help you achieving all those achievements and trophies by simple to follow tips and strategies that should help you unlock these challenging achievements and trophies with relative ease.

If you are up for the challenge, continue reading. For more help on Dark Souls 2, read our Boss Battle Strategy, Covenants Locations and Merchants Locations Guide.

Dark Souls 2 Achievements and Trophies

The Dark Soul
You have to earn all of the achievements to get this one.

Self Recollection
When you start the game go into the Fire Keeper’s Hut and create your character to unlock this achievement.

King’s Ring
When you come out of the Undead Crypt you will come across King Vendrick himself. Don’t fight him just head back into his chamber and take the ring to get the achievement.

Ancient Dragon
At the top of Dragon Shrine, you will get to meet the Ancient Dragon. Talk to him and receive the Ashen Mist Heart and after the sequence, the achievement will unlock.

The Heir
Watch the ending to unlock this achievement.

Last Giant
Defeat the Last Giant Boss in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Check our Boss Guide for tips to defeat Last Giant Boss.

Sinner’s Bonfire
When you have defeated the Lost Sinner, head to the chamber behind you and you will come across the Primal Bonfire.

Iron Keep Bonfire
When you have defeated the Old Iron King in the Iron Keep, just go inside the hut and at the back you will find the Primal Bonfire.

Gulch Bonfire
Defeating The Rotten in Black Gulch will grant you a way to large cavern just at the rear of the boss room, inside is the Primal Bonfire.

Brightstone Bonfire
After defeating the Duke’s Dear Freja and claiming his soul. Head to the next chamber where you will see a Primal Bonfire but it will be guarded by Body of Vengarl.

You will have to defeat him in order to access the Bonfire for the achievement.

Giant Lord
In the King’s passage in Drangleic castle, you will face the guardian of the lift which is there to take you to the Shrine of Amana. His name is Looking Glass Knight, and you will have to defeat him to get the achievement.

You have to Defeat King Vendrick in the Undead Crypt to unlock this achievement. However, this boss is not necessary for the completion of the game.

He is a very difficult boss so mature thing to do is wait until you reach the end of the game then go and defeat him.

Supreme Weapon
You will have to reinforce the weapon to its limit to unlock this achievement. Try doing this one as soon as you access Blacksmith Lenigrast and have relevant materials and souls.

Gesture Maestro
Learn all the gestures with the help of our Gestures Unlock Guide.

Master of Sorcery
Find all the sorcery in the game. Read our Sorcery Locations Guide for more!

Master of Miracles
You have to find all the Miracles to get the achievement. Read our Miracles Locations Guide for the help you need to unlock them.

Master of Pyromancy
Learn all the Pyromancies to unlock this achievement. Read our Pyromancy Locations Guide for the help you need to unlock them.

Master of Hexes
Learn all the Hex available in the game to unlock the achievement. Read our Hexes Locations Guide for the help you need to unlock them.

Achievements of all Nine Covenants
Following are the list of Covenants that can be joined in Dark Souls 2:

  • Covenant of the Meek
  • Clangorous Covenant
  • Gnawing Covenant
  • Covenant of the Fittest
  • Sanguinary Covenant
  • Abysmal Covenant
  • Protector Covenant
  • Brilliant Covenant
  • Covenant of the Ancients

To see details of all the aforementioned achievements, refer to our Covenants Locations Guide.

Selfless Giver
To get the achievement you will have to devote yourself fully to one covenant. To complete this task, try the Way of the Blue Covenant as their offering is easier than the rest.

Curious Map
Light all the Primal Bonfire in the game.

Change of Clothes
When you meet Rosabeth of Melfia at the entrance door to Shaded Wood. She will ask you for clothes, give her some equipment that you don’t need anymore to unlock this achievement.

Gathering of Exiles
Meet different Merchants of the game that will move to Majula if you meet their condition. Read all the information on them in our Merchants Locations Guide.

Moonlight Greatsword
Meet Benhart of Jugofirst in Majula and after rescuing Rosabeth go back and talk to him again. He will meet you in four different location just summon him and defeat the bosses and make sure he stays alive to get his equipment and the achievement.

Benhart of Jugofirst Locations

  • Find him at the start location of the Shaded Wood.
  • After the petrification of Rosabeth talk to him in the Drangleic Castle
  • Speak to him in the Dragleic Castle in the Forest of the Fallen Giants.
  • Speak to him on battlement in Forest of the Fallen Giants in the Memory of Orro.

Summon Sign Locations

  • You can find the Summon at Royal Army Encampment Bonfire in Brightstone Cove.
  • Next summon sign can be seen just outside the Looking Knight Boss room in the King’s Passage.
  • Go downstairs from where you start in the Memory of Jeigh to locate this summon sign.
  • You can find it just outside the Boss room in the Throne of Want.

Holder of the Fort
After you have the acquired Ashen Mist Heart, Captain Drummond can be located in the Memory of Vammar at the Courtyard of the Forest of Fallen Giants.

Talk to him and then go into the memory of Jeigh to take on the Giant Lord. After beating him, travel back to Memory of Vammar and speak to him again for your reward and achievement.

The players will come across Lucatiel of Mirrah in different locations in the world. You will have to meet her and activate the summon signs, and you have to make sure that she stays alive to get the achievement.

Her locations and summon signs locations are given below:

Lucatiel of Mirrah Locations

  • No-Man’s Wharf
  • The Lost Bastille
  • Earthen Peak
  • Black Gulch
  • Aldia’s Keep after the aforementioned locations

Summon Sign Locations

  • You will find it close to the one way in No-Man’s Wharf.
  • See the bottom of the Elevator Shaft in Sinner’s Rise.
  • It can be found right outside the Smelton Demon boss room in Iron Keep.
  • It can be found in the same room where the Hidden Chamber Bonfire was, in the Black Gulch.

Smith for Life
Give Dull Ember to Steady Hand McDuff in Lost Bastille to gain access to his shop. After spending a total of 14000 Souls on his merchandise, talk to him to get the gift that will unlock this achievement.

Garrulous Miser
When you meet Laddersmith Gilligan at Earthen Peak, talk about his move to Majula. Then go meet him in Majula and pay him for the most expensive ladder. Talk to him to get the reward and the achievement.

Reflections on Disembodiment
Talk to head of Vengar in Shaded Woods and exhaust all his dialogue options, learn his gesture but also keep talking to him until he thanks you and give you your reward that will unlock the achievement.

This is Dark Souls
Die for the first time to unlock this achievement.

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