CounterSpy PS4 Version Finally Confirmed with a New Trailer

CounterSpy PS4 version was finally announced by the developer today. It is a comic themed stealth based game that will play as a 2D side scroller.

Originally, CounterSpy was being developed for PlayStation 3, PS Vita, iOS and Android devices However, there had been rumors in the air that the game would be released to PlayStation 4 as well but nothing had been confirmed by the developer Dynamighty until now.

David Nottingham, the creative director of Dynamighty took to PlayStation Blog Europe to officially announce the CounterSpy PS4 version once and for all:

Since the PlayStation 4 launch, we have had a steady stream of requests from people as to when or if we would be releasing on Sony’s new hardware. We’ve even seen the game listed on websites as a PS4 title, even though nothing official had been said by Sony or us to that effect.

Well we are super excited to be able to ‘declassify’ this information and officially confirm that yes, CounterSpy WILL be launching on PlayStation 4 in summer 2014.

You might also like to check out the new trailer thought it doesn’t really show much of the gameplay. Instead, the trailer focuses on highlighting the different platforms that the game is being released to.

It was also announced that CounterSpy PS4 version as well as the versions for all other platforms will be released by summer this year.