Bubble Pop World Uses Nintendo 3DS AR Cards For Once

Slovakian indie developer Cypronia has released Bubble Pop World on Nintendo 3DS exclusively, as it uses the system’s augmented reality (AR) functionalities. It’s available in North America right now, but should also head down to Europe in the beginning of April 2014.

Bubble Pop World uses the Nintendo 3DS AR Card that comes when purchasing the system, which also has its own little mini-game pre-installed. Thanks to that technology, you can see 120 levels take form in the environment around you in Bubble Pop World, through the 3DS camera.

Otherwise, Bubble Pop World is a match-3 game in a 3D environment. Levels are comprised of certain bubbles of different colors that need to be shot down to clear the stage.

By lobbing balls of the same color at a section totaling at least three equal bubbles, you’ll make them disappear. Except in this case, you’ll do that while rotating around in your real world environment.

There are also some arcade levels amidst the puzzle ones. Here, you’ll be doing things like firing at incoming creatures, a little like that Face Raiders augmented reality game on 3DS.

For a little more content, Bubble Pop World also allows its players to customize certain levels and share them with the community. You’ll be able to export your adaptations through QR codes for others to scan.

It’s fairly rare to see a game using the Nintendo 3DS augmented reality functions. In fact, Nintendo has only applied it on a handful of games themselves, which seems rather wasteful.

We’re always fans of indie projects like Bubble Pop World trying to show off the creative uses of a specific platform.