4X Game Endless Legend Reveals Elf Wild Walkers Faction

Publisher Iceberg Interactive released some more info for Endless Legend with the reveal of its Wild Walkers faction. It’s the second faction to be revealed for the PC strategy game in the 4X genre of conquest.

Once more, a trailer shows off some of the story for the Wild Walkers group. They’re elves who have lived on the surface in forests as hunter-gatherers. Their gift to meld with minds of beasts is called the Sharing, but it comes with a price.

Through excessive use of the Sharing, the elves have taken to their beast’s powerful pull and deserted their ancestry. Therefore, the remaining Wild Walkers swore off the use of this power and instead try to build their way to a civilization with the use of the rocks and trees nature gives them.

Since this second Endless Legend faction is using elves, it has the tropes known from the race. Units will use nature traits for combat or they will attack with ranged weaponry. Here are four of its skills:

  • Battle Rage
  • Long Range Experts
  • Forest Camouflage
  • Detect Prey

Previously, Endless Legend looked at an underground faction called The Vaulters. Since this group will be coming to the surface to save their people, we can expect some turmoil there.

Endless Legend is one of three games in the franchise, after Endless Space started developer Amplitude Studios’ success story. There’s also still Dungeon of the Endless, which mixes tower defense and roguelike elements in its pixelated Steam Early Access Game.

There are still six other factions to be revealed in Endless Legend.