Wildstar MMO Releases In June, Preorders Start Next Week

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) Wildstar finally receives a release date and will come to PC on June 3, 2014. If you’re already sure you want in on this colorful roleplaying game (RPG), then you’ll be able to preorder it next week.

Publisher NCsoft announced that preorders for Wildstar will launch on March 19. As with most MMO’s, this will give you a 3-day head start on the competition, dropping you in the game servers on May 31.

You’ll also be invited to participate in Beta events, both open and closed. They’re currently running on weekends.

Additionally, purchasing the MMO early will give you your own rocket house. It’s a house, but it’s also a rocket, which you can put on your very own plot of land.

This also comes with an exclusive housing trophy, which yields extra rest experience. That way, you don’t even need to play to get buffed, though don’t expect it to reach to a level cap either.

For adventures, you’ll get an extra storage bag with 10 item slots. Finally, getting in early allows you to get your pick of clan and guild names.

Aside from a standard version of the MMO, Wildstar also has a Deluxe Edition with additional goodies. For instance, the package holds an Eldan hoverboard, a new title, an Eldan Set and an exclusive costume.

Wildstar, much like The Elder Scrolls Online, will require a monthly subscription fee to play. At least the two are spaced out, as Bethesda will release its game in April.

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