Titanfall Anti-Titan Weapons Guide – How To Kill Titans

The biggest threats you will face as Pilot in Titanfall are the Titans. They have some incredibly destructible weaponry that can wipe you out in a second. It would be good if you go prepared with the Anti-Titan Weapons.

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If you plan your attacks and use the Anti-Titan weapons effectively, you can easily take on the titans and rack-up some extra XP and bonus points for your team. There are total of four Anti-Titan Weapons in the game:

Archer Heavy Rocket
Archer Heavy Rocket fires an incredibly powerful rocket which does great damage, but it has to be locked on the target before it is fire.

There is no manual firing with this weapon so don’t even think about going head to head with the Titan with this weapon. Fire and then take cover, repeat the process again to take out the Titan. Do note that this weapon cannot be used to fight any Pilot or AI enemies.

Sidewinder provides a rapid fire. With good magazine size, it is very effective if you manage to hit the target and if you keep hitting the target with every single shot, you will force the Titan to recharge the shield giving you a chance to get the kill.

The Sidewinder is useful for both the Pilots and the Titans. It doesn’t deal much damage but its rate of fire makes it a one of a kind weapon.

Mag Launcher
The Mag Launcher fires the magnetic grenades, which when fired, will stick to the Titan and explode. It is a great Anti-Titan weapon because of the its ability to latch onto the Titan, but the downside is that it has very limited accuracy and range. It is unlocked at Level-22.

Charge Rifle
This rifle fires an energy beam that deals a huge amount of damage. Timing is the key with this rifle as it only fires when it is fully charged and it will discharge immediately.

Although it charges slow, the amount of damage it deals to the Titans makes it a good option. It is unlocked at Level-33.