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Nvidia GeForce 800M Notebook GPUs Announced

Following its announcement last month of the new Maxwell powered desktop graphic cards, Nvidia has today announced its GeForce 800M GPU series that will play host to a new line of notebooks.

The new chips promise to provide greater performance capabilities while consuming less power. According to the official posting, the new 800M series will provide “30%, 40% and in some cases even 60%” greater performance rates over the previous generation. And this is while consuming less power compared to the older series as well.

The new notebooks lineup will also feature Nvidia’s new Battery Boost, which gives double the gaming battery life. When on low power, the GPU tones down the game’s visual capabilities by a bit to enhance the battery life. While this can be done manually as well, Nvidia’s option is automatic.

The new line of notebooks will also come in new designs featuring thinner, lighter and more sleek models.

The company’s GeForce ShadowPlay will also be included with each notebook. The new feature allows players to capture high-quality in-game footage or broadcast it live with “virtually no performance impact.”

Finally Nvidia plans to also add “notebook support for GameStream, to enable smooth streaming of PC games over WiFi to a GameStream ready device.”

Source Nvidia Blog