New Mirror’s Edge 2 Details Surface, Multiplayer With No Guns?

Mirror’s Edge 2 was originally revealed at E3 2013 through a teaser trailer. There was word about the game back then but not much came to us in the game’s regard in a past couple of months. However, there are new rumors in the air now.

RocketChainsaw, the website owned by NeoGAF admin has posted a list of new details on the game which according to them, have come from a ‘video content of the in-development game’ that they have seen.

They are claiming that the game is being developed for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac, and that it will be released somewhere in 2016. Oh that’s too far isn’t it?

Also, it will have an ‘open world, living breathing city’ with a much large-scale emphasis on open world than the previous game. It was already implied by some sources that Mirror’s Edge 2 will actually be a reboot of the original, now the latest information also reiterates the same.

There is apparently going to be a ‘persistent, always online, component’ in the game. This naturally means a multiplayer element that the previous game lacked.

Furthermore, the multiplayer component will let players drop in and out of other players’ world at will – something like Journey. There will also be other multiplayer aspects like co-op and competitive modes.

Moving on, Faith will not have guns, but will have certain new enemies of ‘equal footing’ as herself. They gave the examples of Protectors, Sentinels and Enforcers. These are the game’s ordinary AI, melee experts and armored gunners respectively.

Finally, Mirror’s Edge 2 will bring a heavily revised and reshaped combat system that will be deeper and will give more importance to agility and fluidness. There will be punch and kick combos, wall running, martial arts moves and even grappling.

This is a lot of information to come from an unofficial source, so let’s take it with the usual pinch of salt until EA decides to reveal what’s under the hood for Mirror’s Edge 2.