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Natural Doctrine Release Date Now On April 3 In Japan

Japan will finally see Natural Doctrine come to retail, as the release date for the strategy title is now set on April 3, 2014. Developer Kadokawa Games announced this earlier on, as reported by Gematsu.

Natural Doctrine is a Playstation exclusive playing on the theme of natural selection, coming to Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PS Vita. It was originally slated to appear along with the Japanese PS4 launch on February 22. It was then pushed back to March 19.

Its theme is a little like the popular roleplaying game (RPG) franchises such as Fire Emblem, where a party moves through a story. Each impact on the party due to death has permanent results for the game.

In fact, an earlier announcement stated that if any party member died in Natural Doctrine, the game would end, instead of just move along without the unit, as with other permadeath genres. So, this strategy game is going to be a tough one, for those who like that sort of gameplay.

You’ll play Natural Doctrine across a world map hub where you can select certain missions. It’s possible to proceed with either story missions or take on a free quest, though the latter are limited in the amount you can string them consecutively.

Additionally, as a turn-based combat design, Natural Doctrine allows characters to perform Link Turns, which perform multiple moves at once. Its drawback is that failure to complete the move will leave units exposed.

Natural Doctrine will also have a multiplayer mode. Since the game is released on all Playstation platforms, you’ll be able to cross-play across different consoles. Additionally, the game also supports cross-save possibilities.

Sadly, there’s no word on a localized version of Natural Doctrine just yet. We’re hoping that will change once the Japanese version takes off.