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New Mobile Gaming Focused Studio Zombot has Devs from Bungie, Ubisoft, Rockstar & More

We have seen people trending towards mobile gaming over the past couple of months, it is nothing new. However, a new development studio was founded recently and its development team has work experience over many of the big guns among game developers. Zombot is a mobile gaming studio cofounded by Alex Chu and Ben Berens.

Alex Chu has previously worked on Halo Reach, Destiny, Tomb Raider and Dead Space as a concept artist. According to him Zombot will try to find a balance between the console quality and the mobile gaming quality. He further explained that it is not exactly possible to bring a console game onto mobile and expect it to be equally good.

It’s not just how it plays either, but how it’s designed for the player. I think the common perception is it’s really hard to make AAA-quality games on mobile, and it’s true because the console hardware is such a big piece of machine and it’s so complex. Mobile is catching up, but it’s not there yet. So I think it’s about designing games in a smart way so the presentation looks and feels AAA, but it’s not necessarily AAA in the amount of content the game has.

Ben Berens has previously worked with Kabam on their God Father mobile title who says that the greatest problem with console or PC games is that you can’t take them with you. He gave the example of League of Legends saying:

[when you are out of your home] you may be playing another game that has a lot of hardcore mechanics, that has lots of high-quality game design, but has short sessions. That’s where mobile gaming comes in.

So far, they haven’t revealed much about their upcoming projects though one Project Galaxy was slightly discussed. It will be a mech based battle game which they are referring to as ‘a bit like Lego.’

How interested are you in newly spawning mobile gaming based studios like Zombot? Voice your opinion about mobile gaming’s place in the gaming industry in the comments section below.