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New Minecraft PS3 Version DLC Brings Uncharted’s Nathan Drake

Minecraft finally made its way to Sony’s PlayStation 3 in December last year, but until recently it has been ignored a little when it comes to additional downloadable content.

Now, Minecraft PS3 version’s first exclusive characters based DLC is being talked about by developer 4J Studios and Sony itself. Guess what did we pick up from it? Nathan Drake of Uncharted is coming to Minecraft!

Yesterday, the official Twitter profile of 4J Studios that is responsible for the PlayStation and Xbox ports, tweeted an image teasing the first DLC for Minecraft PS3 version. Among the three characters that were shown on it, Nathan Drake could be seen pretty clearly.

Not that you will need telling, but Uncharted’s famous protagonist is on the extreme left, check out the tweet below.

The original developer of Minecraft, Mojang is collaborating with 4J Studios in creating the ports as well as the DLC content for the consoles. Previously, Xbox 360 has had different DLC based on the exclusive characters of their first party games too and we are expecting something similar for the Minecraft PS3 version as well as the other PlayStation versions.

Upon the release to PS3, the game was accompanied by an add-on named The Festive Pack. Identical to the one released to Xbox 360 previously, it let the players change their characters’ outlook into figures like Santa Claus, Snowman or Gingerbread Man. However, the upcoming skin pack is the first DLC that will aim at Sony’s exclusive first party characters.

What other characters from famous PlayStation games would you like to see in the Minecraft PS3 version? Let your voice be heard, comment below.