Infamous: Second Son will Ditch User Generated Content Feature

Those among you who prefer to be a bit more creative with their games might not like this news. Unlike the previous installment in the series, Infamous: Second Son will not feature any user generated content.

Previously, Infamous 2 had including a UGC tool (user generated content tool) that let players create content for themselves and friends. On the other hand, Brian Fleming, studio co-founder and producer on Second Son has confirmed its absence in the upcoming game.

Fleming was asked in a Q&A session whether there will be any user generated levels and if they will be any different from the previous games; the questioner’s hope must have been shattered when the answer was an outright no:

UGC is not a part of this title. It was part of inFAMOUS 2, but not a part of Second Son.

It was also confirmed recently that Infamous: Second Son will also be a single player only game without a multiplayer element. Do both of these announcements put you off or did you already expect that they will settle with these decisions?

In case you are wondering about the demand of the game, we have learnt that the Infamous: Second Son preorders are greater than The Last of Us in the United Kingdom region. Read up more about it here.

Infamous: Second Son is less than 10 days away now. It releases as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on March 21, 2014 worldwide. Are you picking it up?