Google Acquires Green Throttle Games; Could be for a Controller for its Android Set-Top Box

Google has been reported to have acquired Santa Clara-based Green Throttle Games studio, which shut down late last year.

Green Throttle Games launched back in 2012 and followed the likes of Ouya to provide an Android-based gaming experience in the living room. It was founded by Charles Huang, the creator of Guitar Hero, and with his new found team developed a unique Bluetooth gaming controller for Android called the Atlas.

The Atlas allowed users to connect up to four players locally on a single Android smartphone or tablet connected to a TV. I speak in past tense even though the controller is still available online for purchase. However as of last year official support for its software has ended.

Details on the terms of acquisition have not been outed by neither Google nor Green Throttle Games. It’s confirmed though that co-founders Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend have joined Google, along with other assets from the company.

So what does Google want with a dead games studio? According to rumors on the web it has everything to do with its Android set-top box for TVs. Having an updated version of the Atlas to allow players to play Android games out of the box would be a great added bonus.

Apple is also rumored to be working with a new found zeal on gaming support for their updated Apple TV.

Source Pando Daily