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Flappy Bird Creator May Bring Back the Game – Also Working on Three Other Titles

Everyone knows about the viral Flappy Bird that received immense amounts of popularity. The game which came on mobile platforms and shook the mobile world, receiving many spin-offs and mockups in the process before the creator took it off at the peak of it’s popularity, complaining that he couldn’t handle the newfound fame.

The creator, Dong Nguyen, previously the average joe received widespread attention after his threat to remove the game from mobile app stores. What was even more interesting was, that he fulfilled his promise and actually removed the multi-million downloaded game that was making around fifty thousand dollars a day.

Unfortunately, Nguyen went silent after that, with no more updates coming from his end after the application’s removal.

Now, a few months after the deed has been done, Rolling Stone caught up with the creator and found out (through a translator) more details about the story surrounding Flappy Bird‘s removal. Questions asked included those aimed at Nguyen’s future and whether or not Flappy Bird would return.

The answers, might be surprising for some. Nguyen’s story was that the main reason why he removed the mobile game was because of the numerous amount of death threats and hate mail he got over the game’s creation. According to him, messages were flowing in, day in, day out chastising the developer for the creation of the game and the impact it had on the players. 

Some gamers, for example, were damaging their phones out of frustration, while still feeling the need to return to Flappy Bird to fuel their addiction.

Ultimately, Nguyen couldn’t take the hate mail and the threats anymore and decided to forego the $50,000 a day he was making and withdrawing from all the unwanted attention, he removed the game.

Flappy Bird, meanwhile got replaced by hundreds of clones which rose up to claim the void that Flappy Bird created and then left. According to Nguyen, he would rather work on something that entertains gamers rather than something that frustrates them.

On this Note, Nguyen is working on at least three other games right now, all of them with retro art and deceptively simple ideas.

And Flappy Bird might even make a comeback! The creator isn’t totally averse to the idea of never bringing the game back, but he hopes that the reception this time might be more positive.

Nguyen is capitalizing on his newfound fame and his newer projects might again fuel the angst of the entire world, as the biggest mobile game since Angry Birds gets a new successor to take its place.