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EverQuest Next to go Social with PS4, Previous Games to Get New Content

Quite a lot is happening in the EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark’s world. We have recently learned that Sony Online Entertainment will set explicit focus on Social Features of EverQuest Next with PlayStation 4, and that more content will be released to EverQuest and EverQuest 2 later.

EverQuest director of development Dave Georgeson was talking to Polygon when he reiterated the PlayStation 4 version news and explained how they want the game to integrate social platforms like Twitch, Facebook and Twitter:

“Reaching out to other people through social media…it’s a given, it’ll be in (EverQuest) Next.”

In parallel news, the original EverQuest is turning 15 this year, and SOE has plans in place to commemorate the game and the fan base that has kept it going for so long. In order to celebrate the anniversary, the original 1999 title and its 2004 sequel will get additional content.

EverQuest senior producer Thom Terrazas was discussing the additional content being added when he said:

“We’ve put new content in so everyone can start off and get their feet wet if they haven’t played in a while. We’ve preloaded all characters with hot bars set with spells, abilities and what you would normally use on these characters to give newbies a head start, or for people who haven’t been playing for a long time to jump in.”

How many of you are still playing EQ and EQ 2, and how many of you are game for EvertQuest Next, or Landmark?