Tower Defense On A Collosus Comes To Steam With Burden

Tower defense game Burden will soon release through Early Access on Steam. This PC title tries to alter the static model of that particular strategy genre, by putting it on the shoulder of a giant moving beast.

In Burden, the tower defense mechanism takes place on a colossus, a moving battlefield as it were. Different sections are located in different areas of the creature, leading to multiple plays going on at once.

It’s sort of like watching those chess geniuses hopping from board to board against multiple enemies. There are defense panels on all limbs, for instance, which have players set up their defense on each one.

Units can move in any of these playing fields simultaneously, so the challenge is to manage resources with other plays in mind. When zoomed in on a specific field, you’ll be able to assault enemies there directly.

Ultimately, the goal is to keep the colossus alive to fight a giant of an opposing party. Each chapter will offer a different beast of burden.

In a recent development diary, we can see the evolution of Burden throughout its cycle. Originally, it was a rather dark piece of work, with decaying environments. It then fully flipped it and went for soft watercolor tones like in Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Now, Burden is somewhere in between those two styles. It’s dark, but the environments should still have some uplifting vibe to it.

Developer Pixelpickle Games has some expertise when it comes to altering the known strategy models. Previously, it had a hand in the indie strategy hit Frozen Synapse, which switches between real time action and turn-based prompts.