60 Minutes Gameplay of Yoshi’s New Island – It Seems Old and Mediocre

This video showcases an hour of gameplay for the upcoming 3DS title “Yoshi’s New Island”. The tragedy, of course is that Nintendo’s latest flick seems unmemorable and despite the “new” in it’s name, the gameplay, the mechanics and the levels seem old and generic.

The more one sees about this game, the less likeable it is. Accompanied by soulless music that only enhances the boredom and lethargicness this game brings about. With no significant improvement over the DS and SNES titles, the game offers little – both for old fans and for new players that wish to experience the franchise.

The plot, too seems generic and repetitive, with Nintendo marketing upon the success of previous installments. Like the DS and SNES versions, the objective of the game is to rescue Baby Luigi and defeat Bowser. Baby Luigi is dropped by that stork who seems to be performing his job as effectively as Nintendo.

Yoshi’s New Island follows the old adventure of Baby Mario needing the help of the Yoshi’s who are under threat from Bowser, with Kamek – his minion again being a pesky annoyance who needs to be defeated.

Stellar gameplay, and a revision of the same art style for which the previous titles were renowned for does little to make up for the fact that the game is painfully dull. With the devs intent on making a sequel as watered down and bland as can possibly be, the repetitive gameplay culminates in a bossfight with a phallic looking boss who offers combat that is generic and awfully boring.

It seems as if Yoshi’s New Island needs an entirely new revamp to make a game that is worthy of carrying on the predecessor’s name.

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