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Why Wolfenstein: The New Order Doesn’t Have Multiplayer

The First Person Shooter ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ will be a game focusing solely on single player combat and not offer any multiplayer capabilities. Pete Hines Bethesda has talked a bit more about why they are making such a huge sacrifice on a genre that derives solely on the multiplayer element of it.

In an extensive interview with “CVG”, Hines stated that a multiplayer mode only makes sense if it fits in with the overall theme of the game.

A futile, half made attempt to morph a game relying on single player combat into a multiplayer title is something that diminishes the overall product. He referred to the success of developer “Starbreeze Studios” with single player titles like Riddick and The Darkness as inspirations for the game to be made into a single player product.

Machine Games explored the topic by elaborating that for those who believe multiplayer to be an integral part of the game experience, adding an integral multiplayer component makes sense.

It should be something that is a part of the game and one shouldn’t deviate from that. But the background on developer “Machine Games” is not in making multiplayer oriented games. They, instead derive their inspiration from Bethesda, or Arkane (The company who developed Dishonored).

Because of this success in the single player market, they instead have a different approach on games. Because of this, they believe that a multiplayer feature shouldn’t be added just for the heck of it, if it doesn’t play a part in the game.

He further went on to elaborate that the cost of making a useless feature was too much, and it shifted the attention away from the single player aspect, and hence that is why the multiplayer would be forgone.

How good the game is, only time will tell. It releases on 23rd of May 2014. For more news on the game, keep checking back,

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