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Ubisoft Toronto working on Five Unannounced Projects

Jade Raymond – The Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto was in attendance at the SXSW expo in Texas, and she revealed some of the on-goings for the Toronto based studio in an interview.

Raymond spoke to Geoff Keighley and confirmed that there are five projects which are currently under development at Ubisoft’s Toronto based development studio. Two of these are being developed by other studios. These may include other Ubisoft Studios, or possibly some other major studios publishing some major titles.

Raymond said that there were a lot of plates in motion, but none of them have been announced.

The studio manager also voiced out Ubisoft’s desire in incorporating other forms of artistic media into their catalog – like films and comic books to further spread out their game franchises. 

Our business is making games, so we have to make sure we’re making good games, first and foremost, I don’t think we can think out the gate, ‘How is this going to be a good movie?’ I don’t know anything about movies. I’ve never made a movie in my life.

“A good game on those devices is different from a good game on consoles, so I definitely believe they deserve their own franchises,” said Jade, speaking about spawning new franchises specific to the mobile genre instead of just porting games on other consoles to the mobile.

The question is that what exactly are these new titles that the studio is working on? How many Assassin’s Creed games are under development? How many Splinter Cell titles? Is there a new big title underway that we know nothing about? Plenty of things remain to only be speculated about as no information is available on them at the moment.

Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What titles do you think are underway? Voice out your thoughts in the comments below!