Titanfall – Final Six Control Schemes Revealed for the Xbox

The much awaited FPS mech game is all set to be released in just a few hours in North America and by Friday for the rest of the world. If you aren’t one of those lucky few who got Early copies, or got to access their game earlier, then now is the time to pre-choose your favorite control scheme for the Xbox One version of Titanfall.

The possible control selections that you can have are in the images below:

So far, the most popular amongst these is the Bumper Jumper Pilot which has garnered a lot of support because of the fluid combat accessibility that it offers. Button kicker comes in as a close second.

The mech FPS game that recently got an awesome launch trailer and which has the achievement list already out is at the final stages of its releases and the built up pressure surrounding its release is astounding.

With a COD Prestige-like Generations mode confirmed too, it seems as if the game is going to be a huge thing, regardless of it being good or bad. It might even be something that saves the Xbox One from dying out.

Excited about Titanfall? A big FPS fan? Voice out your thoughts in the comments section below, which calibration do you think best suits your interest?