Titanfall Burn Cards Guide – How To Use Amped Weapons, Ability Boosts, Titan Upgrades

Prior to starting a match, a Pilot can select upto three Burn Cards, which tend to provide him/her with certain in-game advantages like increasing weapon damage, unlimited cloak, & increased XP per kill.

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Titanfall Burn Cards

Each player can have upto 25 Burn Cards in his/her deck and select three from them before a match. If a player has a full deck and he/she unlocks a new Burn Card, that particular card will simply go wasted.

It is recommended that one should contain at max 20 Burn Cards on deck.

The effects of a Burn Card do not wear off until a Pilot has died or the match has ended. Once a player has died, he/she will get the option of choosing the next Burn Card. Failed to do so will result in respawning without the effects of a Burn Card.

Below, you will find a complete set of Burn Cards with their in-game descriptions and brief strategies for each of them:

Weapon Burn Cards

Amped Archer
Replace Anti-Titan weapon with an Archer firing powerful Titan-Hammer Missiles.

This Anti-Titan weapon takes out the shield of an enemy Titan like it did not exist. It has a high damage output but a slower rate of fire. I would definitely recommend using it while playing Last Titan Standing.

Amped C.A.R
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal C.A.R. SMG.

This weapon has a high damage output and is beastly at close-range engagements.

Amped Charged Rifle
Replace Anti-Titan Weapon with a faster charging Charge Rifle.

The highest damage output & increased rate of fire makes this weapon one of the most powerful Anti-Titan weapon in the game. Since this weapon has a higher rate of fire & damage output, it should be used a lot in Last Titan Standing.

Amped DMR
Replace Primary Weapon with a sonar scope Longbow-DMR Sniper.

This Sniper Rifle comes equipped with an Active Radar Pulse which lets you tell the locations of enemy forces to your fellow squad members. However, you must scope in to activate the radar.

Amped EVA-8
Replace Primary Weapon with an automatic EVA-8 Shotgun.

This deadly shotgun is deadly at close range making it a one-shot kill up front chest. The only downer is the small ammo clip. Make sure to stay on the insides as it will not serve you well even at medium-close range.

Amped G2A4
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal G2A4 Rifle.

This semi-automatic rifle has increased damage output & range. You can even take out enemy Pilots from across the map without worrying about missing.

Amped Hemlok
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal Hemlok BF-R.

This burst rifle can penetrate through anything with its increased damage & range. However, you need to have pin-point accuracy to stay on target.

Amped Kraber
Replace Primary Weapon with a Kraber-AP Sniper that fires explosive rounds.

When used with Minion Detector, this weapon can be used to spot a group of minion & take them all out with a small blast radius. Pilots & Titans also take considerable damage from the explosion.

Amped LMG
Replace Primary Weapon with a rapid-fire Spitfire LMG. The increased rate of fire makes this LMG an instant Titan killer. Use Cloak to hide yourself & then rodeo the Titan for a quick kill.

Amped Mag Launcher
Replace Anti-Titan Weapon with a high-capacity, automatic Mag Launcher.

The high rate of fire & increased ammo capacity complement well in this Mag Launcher. Use this weapon in Last Titan Standing to cause havoc in the battleground.

Amped P2011
Replace Sidearm Weapon with a burst fire Hammond P2011.

This is an excellent choice for Snipers who have the habit of running & gunning from Call of Duty. Switch to this burst-fire pistol with increased damage & better accuracy.

Amped R-101C
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal R-101C Carbine.

This increases the damage output & range of this weapon beyond horizons to perform perfectly at all ranges & conditions.

Amped R-97
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal R-97 Compact SMG.

This is one of my most favorite SMGs in the game. Increased firepower makes it unmatchable at close-range combat; especially during capturing objectives & in insides.

Amped RE-45
Replace Sidearm Weapon with a more lethal RE-45 Autopistol.

Similar to Amped P2011, this Burn Card is perfect for those Snipers who like to run & gun. This automatic pistol has increased damage.

Amped Sidewinder
Replace Anti-Titan Weapon with a double ammo capacity Sidewinder.

This weapon is certainly a good choice for taking out Titans in Last Titan Standing but, there are certainly better Burn Cards out there.

Amped Smart Pistol
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal Smart Pistol MK5.

This increases the damage of the Smart Pistol so that you can take out a group of minions at the same time. It is a good Burn Card to use if you are planning on earning additional XP.

Amped Wingman
Replace Sidearm Weapon with a match trigger B3 Wingman.

If you have a good trigger-finger then this Burn Card is for you. This semi-automatic pistol is lethal at close range but, with a slow rate of fire.

Bottomless Frags
Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite, more lethal Frag Grenades.

This overpowered Burn Cards gives you infinite number of Frag Grenades. A single grenade can easily kill a group of minions, multiple pilots, & can damage Titans. Although at some point, you will get tired of grenade spammers in the battleground.

Shock Rocks
Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite magnetic Arc Grenades.

This Burn Card gives you infinite number of Magnetic Arc Grenades which can be thrown at Titans to slow them down & blur their sight; more like Flash Bang from COD.

Personal Alarm System
Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite Arc Mines with a larger blast radius.

This Burn Card provides you with infinite Bouncing Betties which can be thrown anywhere to catch enemy forces off-guard. However, its perfect use is to set them up near objectives like near Domination flags & bomb sites.

And although you will have an infinite number of these mines, you will be able to use only three of them.

Surplus Satchels
Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite, more lethal Satchels.

Just like Arc Mines, Satchels can be placed anywhere but, you should consider placing them near objectives that you need to defend. In addition to providing you with an infinite number, this Burn Card also increases the damage & blast radius of this Ordnance.

Stealth Burn Cards

Active Camo
Replace Pilot Tactical Ability with longer-lasting Cloak.

Although not unlimited, this Burn Card lets you remain Cloaked for longer durations of time which is insanely useful for Rodeo a Titan or capturing objectives in Hardcore Mode.

Ghost Squad
Permanently cloaked as a Pilot, in addition to having your Pilot Tactical Ability.

This is by far the most powerful Burn Cards I have used in the game. Despite of the fact that it leaves you one spot for Pilot Tactical Ability, you can have unlimited time while Cloaked; which is insane.

You can rodeo Titans, capture objectives in Hardcore Mode, & escape Titans. Furthermore, you can also run it on a Sniper & keep on taking shots from a distance without worrying about retaliation.

Speed Burn Cards

Adrenaline Infusion
Permanently stimmed as a Pilot, in addition to having your Pilot Tactical Ability.

Stim allows a player to regenerate health constantly unless they are being constantly shot at. And this Burn Card gives players an unlimited amount of Stim making them very hard to kill.

It also allows players to explore new areas of the map by enabling them to jump & reach unreached areas.

Prosthetic Legs
Faster Pilot movement speed.

Prosthetic Legs is Agility from Call of Duty. It gives players a chance to have increased movement speed for a short duration of time which is a huge advantage while running to capture an objective in Capture the Flag or running away from enemies.

Smuggled Stimulant
Replace Pilot Tactical Ability with longer-lasting Stim.

I don’t see the use of this Burn Card when put against Adrenaline Infusion. Anyway, this Burn Card increases a player’s Stim so that he/she can continuously regenerate health which makes them harder to kill.

Intel Burn Cards

Aural Implant
Replace Pilot Tactical Ability with longer-lasting Active Radar Pulse.

This Burn Card allows players to have longer durations of Active Radar Pulse which is used to scan different areas for enemy activity. This is particularly useful when an objective is located in the insides & players need to capture or neutralize it.

Echo Vision
Active Radar Pulse is permanently active, in addition to having your Pilot Tactical Ability.

This is more refined form of Aural Implant as it provides players with unlimited durations of Active Radar Pulse.

Map Hack
Full mini-map vision.

This is certainly my favorite Burn Card of all & of many people out there. This Burn Card lets you have complete vision of the map including the locations of minions, Pilots, & Titans.

While you are on an XP hunt, this is a must have Burn Card.

Packet Sniffer
You automatically generate Active Radar Pulses periodically.

I do not know how the timer works but, this Burn Card lets players see the locations of enemies in the nearby vicinity.

Satellite Uplink
Reveal all enemies on the mini-map every ten seconds.

This Burn Card is again a useful one & works like Spy Plane or UAV in Call of Duty. The difference is that, it only works for a couple of seconds after every ten seconds.

Spider Sense
There is an audible warning when enemy players are nearby.

This can be regarded similar to Amplify perk from Call of Duty: Ghosts. It basically gives you an idea about the nearby enemies by the sounds of their jumps & footsteps. It also triggers a sound which tells you if enemy forces are nearby.

NPC Burn Cards

Nearby friendly Grunts fight for you — their kills count toward your score.

Although minions are always considered as dumb creatures who know nothing, this Burn Card makes them fight for you. The nearby minions will fight for you by shooting other minions, Pilots, & Titans which will show up in your score.

Double Agent
Grunts, Spectres, Auto-Titans, and turrets ignore you.

This can be considered as Blind Eye from Call of Duty franchise. While on the battleground, this Burn Card will make you invisible to all sorts of minions & AI-controlled Titans so you do not have to worry about them & keep on taking out Pilots.

Wi-Fi Virus
Automatically capture nearby enemy Spectres.

This is somewhat like Conscription Burn Card but, this allows you to hack Spectres along the way that will fight for you & follow you around the map. And in the end, their kills will be counted as your score.

Misc. Burn Cards

Massive Payload
Your Titan Eject causes an extended nuclear explosion.

It is pretty self-explanatory! After your Titan has been damaged beyond repair i.e. zero health. You will be asked to eject it & continue as a Pilot. With this Burn Card, your Titan will cause a massive Nuclear Explosion before devastating itself which is very useful to take out enemy Titans along with you.

This is just like Tactical Insertion from Call of Duty franchise which lets you respawn at the same location where you died. This can be used to catch an enemy off-guard who does not know you are using this Burn Card. It can also be used to rodeo a Titan.

Spectre Camp
You are a Spectre.

This is one rare Burn Card which is very handy & fun to use. This basically makes you a spawn as a Spectre instead of a Pilot. It can be used effectively by blending in the Spectres & going inside enemy spawns at the very beginning of the match.

Most of the enemy Pilots do not pay heed to them & try to get Pilot kills which gives you a huge advantage over your enemies.

Super Charger
Your Titan has a pre-charged Titan Core ability.

This Burn Card makes your Titan make use of Damage Core at the very beginning of the match which is pretty insane. Using it in Last Titan Standing puts you on a huge advantage over your enemies.

Bonus Burn Cards

Atlas Refurb
Call in an Atlas Titan.

Having a Titan at the very beginning of a match certainly puts you on a huge advantage over your opponents. In addition to getting loads of kills, you can also use it to complete certain objectives like capturing domination points in Domination.

Decisive Action
Forty seconds off build time or Titan Core charge.

By now you must know that it takes around 4 minutes to get a Titanfall. However, this time can be decreased by 40 seconds using this Burn Cards.

If you do not want Atlas as your Titan, this Burn Card is the perfect choice to call in Titan of your choice a bit early than others.

Fast Learner
You earn double XP.

If you’re looking to get new weapons & Ordnance, then this Burn Card is for you as it increases the amount of XP you receive per kill.

This Burn Card is also very useful for reaching 10TH Generation by racking up tons of XP.

Most Wanted List
Scoring hits on Pilots earns extra XP and reduces build time.

Unlike Fast Learner, this Burn Card is strictly restricted to killing Pilots only. However, it not only increases the amount of XP you earn per Pilot killed but also, it reduces the Titanfall time by considerable amount.

Earn extra build time and Titan Core charge reductions during combat.

This Burn Card should be used when you are trying to acquire your Titan quicker than anyone else on the battlefield or decreasing your Titan Core charge.

It can be used while playing both as a Pilot & Titan with different effects.

Pull Rank
Eighty seconds off build time or Titan Core charge.

This Burn Card reduces your Titanfall time by eighty seconds which is totally insane & it also grants you Titan Core ability much faster.

Reserve Ogre
Call in an Ogre Titan.

This Burn Card is just like Atlas Refurb but, instead of granting you with an Atlas; it will give you an Ogre.

Spare Stryder
Call in a Stryder Titan.

This Burn Card lets you call in a Stryder Titan in the battlefield.

Thin the Ranks
Scoring hits on Grunts earns extra XP and reduces build time,

This is pretty self-explanatory! This Burn Card increases the amount of XP per Grunt kill & you will be able to call in your Titan much faster than anyone else.

Equip this Burn Card with Minion Detector Kit & see that XP rack up!

Titan Salvage
Scoring hits on Titans earns extra XP and reduces build time.

This Burn Card is pretty much like Thin the Ranks but, with this Burn Card, you will gain increased XP with each Titan kill. Along with this, you will also gain XP for damaging the Titan.

Also, this Burn Card lets you get your Titanfall pretty early than usual.

Urban Renewal
Scoring hits on Spectres earns extra XP and reduces build time.

The last Burn Card of the game lets you earn additional XP per Spectre killed or damaged. This is generally a good card to equip if you are planning on achieving 10TH Generation or unlocking some new equipment.

Furthermore, this Burn Card also lets you attain your Titanfall quicker than usual time.

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