The Last Tinker: City of Colors Goes Back To Jak and Daxter Platform Standards

We’ve been hearing a lot of news recently about The Last Tinker: City of Colors and for good cause. This vibrant adventure, reminiscent of some older genres, has in its sprit the makings of classic platform games like Jak and Daxter or even Banjo-Kazooie.

In this world, players embark on a journey as Koru, who can manipulate colors for various effects. Using these colors as attacks, it’s possible to trick or hinder opponents lurking in the cute environments.

Using enemies to your advantage, you’ll be able to maneuver them in order to solve some location puzzles. That will expand the adventure beyond just platform and combat sections.

Its press release states that The Last Tinker: City of Colors will be good for over 8 hours of gameplay, which should be an ideal pace, depending on how condensed the action is. Moreover, the story is said to tackle tough subjects, such as present issues about culture and racism.

Fully using the color dynamic, the platform title will also feature a color-blind mode for the red-green version. It’s pretty clever to mention that upfront.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors is currently being developed by Mimimi Productions in Munich, Germany. In an impressive feat, it recently won the audience-voted Best In Show award at Casual Connect 2014 in Amsterdam.

This is one more project from publisher Unity games, as the label derived from the known game engine. With a PC and console release planned for the summer of 2014, the label is steadily growing more ambitious.

Just this week, Unity Games announced the visually stunning Space Noir, made by the developers of Deus Ex.