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The Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Explained, Crafted Weapons are Better than Ones you Find

The Elder Scrolls Online releases next month to Windows and Mac, are you excited about it? Let me add some more to the pile of features that make The Elder Scrolls Online a must have MMO. The crafting system of the game will come bearing additional benefits.

The developer ZeniMax Online Studios held another Q&A session, this time focused on the element of crafting specifically. One of the most important questions asked in the Q&A Session was about the difference between crafted weapons and dungeon loot/PvP rewards. The point in question was that crafting should add something extra to the game other than keeping you busy when you have nothing else to do.

ZeniMax explained the function in detail saying that although certain found items will have special enchantments, the usual crafted items will be better than their equivalents that people could find from elsewhere:

“Crafted gear of the same level and same quality as gear found in the world is almost always better. For instance, if you find a level 22 sword of fine quality, but your friend crafts a level 22 sword of fine quality, the damage done by the crafted sword is going to be slightly better. However, some of the gear you find in the world will have unique enchantments or set bonuses crafters cannot replicate. Still, a crafter might be able to take that dropped item and make it even better while retaining the unique enchantment.”

There were other details too, for instance, there will be certain enchantments that can’t be replaced while the player crafted enchantments can be. There will be inherent traits of certain items, which traits will be permanent.

Also, hirelings could be sent to gather crafting materials for the player at the cost of skill points.

Check out the Elder Scrolls Online website to read up on all the details that the developer has shared.