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Super Mario 3D World Wins Best Multiplayer Award at SXSW

Super Mario 3D World having sold over 3 million copies since its launch in November just made headlines again. The game just won the best multiplayer award at the SXSW Gaming awards.

This was marked by Nintendo America’s official twitter page making this post:

This comes as a bright ray after many of Nintendo’s recent bleak stories circulating around the internet.

The game’s multiplayer – that has been much applauded and been the center of much attention is known for its chaotic nature and the insane amount of fun that it provides.

Getting a crown, for instance, is one of its more prominent factors. The player who contributes the most in a co-op game gets to wear a shiny crown to signify their superiority over the lesser noobs that they oust.

The gathering of these crowns can lead to some crazy and oft hilarious moments that define the franchise’s multiplayer.

Well lauded for the unique mixture of co-operative and competitive spheres in a harmonious equilibrium, Super Mario 3D world has an interesting multiplayer, which lets you play with up to three friends, as you struggle to unlock the myriad of secrets present in the game, skilfully oust Bowser’s shenanigans and collect a bunch of coins.

The crown, meanwhile serves as an important reminder to players that it isn’t just fun and games and makes the game highly competitive as players dauntingly pursue the bit of code as an end point which serves as a representation of their skill.

The game, meanwhile, makes a return with the classic flag poles and the timer being present again, and serves as a dutiful reminder to hardcore Nintendo and Mario fans of the beginnings of the Franchise.

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